February 21, 2019
Subject TitleCode
Semester I - Scheme I
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Basic SciencePhysics22102
Basic Mathematics22103
Fundamentals of ICT22001
Engineering Graphics (For CE, CR, CS, ME, AE, PG, PT, FG, EE, EP, EU, CH, PS, DC, TC, TX)22002
Engineering Graphics (For DE, EJ, ET, EN, EX, EQ, IC, IE, IS, MU, CO, CM, CW, IF)22003
Workshop Practice (For CE, CR, CS, ME, AE, PG, PT, FG, EE, EP, EU, CH, PS)22004
Workshop Practice (For CO, CM, CW, IF)22005
Workshop Practice (For DE, EJ, ET, EN, EX, EQ, IC, IE, IS, MU)22006
Workshop Practice (For TX, TC, DC)22007
Semester I - Scheme G
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Basic Science (Physics)17102
Basic Science (Chemistry)17103
Basic Mathematics17104
Engineering Graphics17001
Computer Fundamentals17002
Basic Workshop Practice (Electronics Group)17005
Semester II - Scheme I
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Applied Mathematics22210
Elements of Electrical Engineering22215
Basic Electronics22216
Electronic Engineering Materials22217
C Programming Language22218
Business Communication Using Computers22009
Semester II - Scheme G
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Communication Skills17201
Applied Science (Physics)17210
Applied Science (Chemistry)17211
Elements of Electronics17215
Engineering Mathematics17216
Development of Life Skills17010
Electronic Workshop17014
Semester III - Scheme I
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Digital Techniques22320
Applied Electronics22329
Electric Circuits and Networks22330
Electronics Measurements and Instrumentation22333
Principles of Electronic Communication22334
Semester III - Scheme G
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Applied Mathematics17301
Electronic Instruments and Measurements17317
Electrical Engineering17318
Electronics Devices and Circuits17319
Principles of Digital Techniques17320
Programming in C17020
Professional Practices - I17021
Semester IV
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Environmental Studies17401
Industrial Measurements17434
Analog Communication17440
Power Electronics17444
Linear Integrated Circuits17445
Visual Basic17043
Professional Practices - II17044
Semester V
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Computer Hardware and Networking17533
Digital Communication17535
Control System and PLC17536
Audio Video Engineering17537
Behavioural Science17075
EDP and Project17066
Professional Practices - III17067
Semester VI
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Advanced Communication Systems17656
Mobile Communication17657
Embedded System17658
Simulation Software17807
Industrial Project17808
Elective (Any One)
Very Large Scale Integration17659