February 21, 2019
Subject TitleCode
Semester I - Scheme I
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Basic SciencePhysics22102
Basic Mathematics22103
Fundamentals of ICT22001
Engineering Graphics (For CE, CR, CS, ME, AE, PG, PT, FG, EE, EP, EU, CH, PS, DC, TC, TX)22002
Engineering Graphics (For DE, EJ, ET, EN, EX, EQ, IC, IE, IS, MU, CO, CM, CW, IF)22003
Workshop Practice (For CE, CR, CS, ME, AE, PG, PT, FG, EE, EP, EU, CH, PS)22004
Workshop Practice (For CO, CM, CW, IF)22005
Workshop Practice (For DE, EJ, ET, EN, EX, EQ, IC, IE, IS, MU)22006
Workshop Practice (For TX, TC, DC)22007
Semester I - Scheme G
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Basic Science (Physics)17102
Basic Science (Chemistry)17103
Basic Mathematics17104
Engineering Graphics17001
Computer Fundamentals17002
Basic Workshop Practice (Civil Group)17003
Semester II - Scheme I
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Applied Mathematics22201
Applied SciencePhysics22202
Applied Mechanics22203
Construction Materials22204
Basic Surveying22205
Civil Engineering Workshop and Practice22008
Basic Communication using Computers22009
Semester II - Scheme G
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Communication Skills17201
Engineering Mechanics17204
Applied Science (Physics)17207
Applied Science (Chemistry)17208
Construction Materials17209
Engineering Mathematics17216
Development of Life Skills17010
Workshop Practice (Civil)17012
Semester III - Scheme I
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Advanced Surveying22301
Highway Engineering22302
Mechanics of Structures22303
Building Construction22304
Concrete Technology22305
Computer Aided Drawing22022
Semester III - Scheme G
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Applied Mathematics17301
Building Construction17308
Building Drawing17309
Mechanics of Structures17311
Professional Practices - I17018
Semester IV
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Environmental Studies17401
Transportation Engineering17418
Advanced Surveying17419
Geo Technical Engineering17420
Theory of Structures17422
Computer Aided Drawing17036
Professional Practices - II17037
Semester V
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Estimating and Costing17501
Irrigation Engineering17502
Public Health Engineering17503
Concrete Technology17504
Design of Steel Structures17505
Behavioural Science17075
Entrepreneurship Development17057
Professional Practices - III17058
Semester VI
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Highway Engineering17602
Contracts and Accounts17603
Design of R.C.C. Structures17604
Electives (Any One)
Solid Waste Management17605
Plumbing Services17607