February 5, 2023

We are committed to provide a holistic education based on new generation academics that creates not just powerful global career options for our students, but which empowers them to become key contributors to the community and the environment in which they live.

Welcome to the Millennium. A revolution is taking place in the world because of a globalizing economy, the advent of Information and aggressive competition.

Professional Education and training have, therefore, entered into an era where knowledge and understanding acquired by way of formal education and training with its practical application in the workplace will measure competitive manager in the International market. A global digital environment has emerged. The millennium professional should acquire zero-time capabilities; the ability to make change with the speed of light and we have trained our professional to recognise these changing roles and act swiftly upon them.

In this fiercely competitive world, success has several dimensions far widespread than the vortex of academia, spreading its tentacles into diverse fields on which one has to be adapt to. Our Objectives at Pillai is to provide you the right environment which will enable you to fulfill all aspirations and ambitions. Very often one is not even aware of one’s own capabilities and we at Pillai’s believe that even if we succeed in making the student scratch the tip of iceberg, we have set the ball rolling for individual to achieve ultimate success in life.

The years gone by have been truly momentous with Pillai’s having carved a niche for itself amongst the top-line institutions affiliated to the University of Mumbai. This bears testimony to the unstinted efforts of the dedicated teachers who have ignited the passion in students to excel. With talented student pool, dedicated teaching staff and world class infrastructure we can truly set our sights high for the coming years.

Our endeavour is to take all the efforts to make sure that you graduate from Pillai’s to become a successful professional in corporate world, excellent researcher, dedicated teacher or an entrepreneur with vision of creating a business empire.

Dr. Daphne Pillai is the co-founder of the Pillai Group of Institutions and Chairperson, Management Board, Mahatma Education Society. In her role as the co-founder in the Pillai Group expansion program, Dr. Daphne Pillai sees herself as both, a custodian of old-world values and an initiator of new-generation change. She is responsible for many collaborative programs with reputed universities in US and other countries.

We welcome you to to the lovely-leafy campus of Pillai HOC Polytechnic, a place where we transform youngsters into adults with a sense of social responsibility, human values and respect for the environment. We not only educate and train the students in the field of technology, but also help them to mould their career in the right direction.

Technical Education will be crucial in the creation of knowledge based manpower to support the existing industries in developing new activities.

The demand for skilled diploma holders is rising in the manufacturing and information technology sectors, especially in the context of India, as the nation evolves as a manufacturing hub for the global market.

We hope that the students would use this opportunity to realize their full potential that brings out the best in them. We are sure that the excellent three years academic environment offered in our campus will help the students to equip themselves with the technical requirements of the engineering industry.